September 16th, 2013 Video Agenda

Board of Education

Muscatine Community School District

Monday, September 16, 2013

Meeting Location: City Hall Council Chambers Time: 7:00 p.m.


Old Business

I.  Roll Call and Determination of Quorum  Video Link

II.  Recite Pledge of Allegiance

III.  Welcome to Visitors and Media Representatives and Introduction

IV.   Citizens Speak  Video Link

V.  Student Council Update  Video Link

VI.  Old Business to Conclude Activities of the Retiring Board  Video Link

A.   Approval of Minutes of August 12, 2013 Regular Meeting and September 12, 2013 Special Session – action (p. 5)

B.  Approval of Bills and Claims against the district – action (p. 9)

C.  July and August Financials – information (p. 10)

VII.  Review the official report of the votes – action (P. 44)  Link to Video

VIII.  Adjournment of the retiring Board – action  Link to Video


Re-organizational Meeting

I.  Call to order by Secretary – action  Link to Video

II.  Administration of the Oath of Office to newly elected Board members by the Secretary – action

III.  Election of Board President and Vice President – action  Link to Video

The secretary will ask for nominations for Board President. A second is not required. If there is only one nomination, we will need a motion and second to cast a unanimous vote for Board President. If there are more nominations, we need a motion that nominations cease with a second, and that ballots be cast. The Secretary will administer the oath of office to the Board President and turn the meeting over to the President for election of the Vice-­‐President. The process for electing the Vice-­‐President is the same. The President or Secretary will administer the oath of office to the Vice-­‐President.

IV.  Organization of the Board

A.  Board Meeting Schedule for 2013-­‐2014 – information (p. 45)  Link to Video

B.  IASB Delegate assignments – action (p. 47)  Link to Video

    IASB by –laws give each member school district a delegate who casts the district’s vote(s) on issues before the Delegate Assembly. School Boards provide input on IASB’s legislative platform and our priorities help influence the legislators and governor.

    The Annual Meeting of the Corporate and Delegate Assembly will be held at 1p.m. on Wednesday, November 16 at Hy-­‐Vee Hall in Des Moines.

    V.  Consent Agenda**  Link to Video

     The following items are considered to be routine by the Board of Education and will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a Director so requests, in which event the item will be removed from the Consent Agenda and considered in its normal sequence from the agenda.

    A.  District Committees (p. 50)
    B.  Personnel Recommendations (p. 55)
    C.  Field Trips (p. 57)

    VI.  Board Goals

    A.  Action/Possible Action

    1.  Board Goal: Communication

    i.  District Committees -­‐ action** (p. 50)

    The school board is required to approve the Perkins Advisory Committee, Teacher Quality Committee, and the School Improvement Advisory Committee. A list of the members is included in the board packet.

     2.  Board Goal: Improving both Graduation Rate and Post-­‐Secondary Success of our Students

     i.  Personnel Recommendations – action** (p. 55)

     ii.  Field Trips – action** (p. 57)

     ~Franklin 5th Grade to National River Museum in Dubuque, Iowa on October 3, 2013 as submitted by the Franklin 5th grade teachers/PTO.
    ~Future Business Leaders of America to the State Fall Leadership Conference in Des Moines, Iowa on September 22-­‐ 23, 2013 as submitted by Konrad Wilke.
    ~FFA to Aksarben Regional Livestock Judging Contest in Omaha, NE on September 27-­‐29, 2013 as submitted by Tometich/Crews/Paul/Weibe.
    ~FFA to Northwest MO Floral and Nursery Career Development Event in Maryville, Missouri on September 30-­‐October 1, 2013 as submitted by Tometich/Crews/Paul/Weibe.
    ~FFA to World Food Prize in Des Moines, Iowa on October 17-­‐ 19, 2013 as submitted by Tometich/Crews/Paul/Weibe.
    ~FFA to National FFA Agricultural Poultry, Sales, Floral, Nursery CDE in Louisville, KY on October 26-­‐November 2, 2013 as submitted by Tometich/Crews/Paul/Weibe.
    ~FFA to National FFA Livestock Career Development Event in Denver, CO on January 6-­‐13, 2014 as submitted by Tometich/Crews/Paul/Weibe.
    ~FFA to State FFA Conference/Career Development Events in Ames, Iowa on April 27-­‐29, 2014 as submitted by Tometich/Crews/Paul/Weibe.
    ~FFA to Floral, Nursery Landscape and Horse Career Development Event in Ames/Cedar Rapids, Iowa on June 8-­‐10, 2014 as submitted by Tometich/Crews/Paul/Weibe.
    ~MHS Thespians and Drama Club to Iowa State Thespian Festival in Cedar Falls on November 15-­‐16, 2013 as submitted by Rene Mauck.

    iii.  Approve the Memorandum of Agreement for College Credit Courses for High School Students with Muscatine Community College – action (p. 87)  Link to Video

    B.  Discussion and Information

    1.  Board Goal: Communication

    i.  MCSD Mobile App Demonstration  Link to Video

    ii.  MHS Lighting  Link to Video

    iii.  First Reading on the following policies:  Link to Video

    100.00 Mission Statement (p. 97)
    101.00 Educational Objectives (p. 98)
    103.00 Educational and Operational Planning and Needs Assessment (p. 100)
    202.07 Individual Board Members (p. 101)
    401.06 Evaluation (p. 102)
    506.06 Requirements for Graduation (p. 103)
    700.00 Statement of Guiding Principles for Business Procedures (p. 105)
    703.06 Travel Allowance (p. 106)
    703.08 Credit Card Use Policy (p. 107)
    704.03 Financial Report Published (p. 108)
    801.00 Naming Dedication of Grounds and Facilities (p. 109)
    802.00 Use of School Property & Equipment (p. 110)
    900.00 Public Private School Relations (p. 111)
    900.03 Distribution of Materials in Schools (p. 112)

    VIII.  Announcements/Meetings/Events:  Link to Video

    September 23­‐26 - Parent‐Teacher Conferences for all grade levels
    September 27 - No School for Students/Teacher Quality Day for certified staff
    September 30 - Board work session, planning session, and regular meeting
    October 14 - Regular Board Meeting, 7 p.m., City Hall

    VIII.  Adjourn  Link to Video