October 14th, 2013 Video Agenda

Board of Education Muscatine Community School District

Monday, October 14, 2013 Time: 7 p.m.

Meeting Location: City Hall Council Chambers



I.        Roll Call and Determination of Quorum     Video

II.       Recite Pledge of Allegiance

III.     Welcome to Visitors and Media Representatives and Introduction

IV.      Citizens Speak     Video

V.       Student Council Report     Video

VI.     Consent  Agenda**     Video

The following items are considered to be routine by the Board of Education and will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a Director so requests, in which event the item will be removed from the Consent Agenda and considered in its normal sequence from the agenda.

A.  Minutes                                                    (VI-­‐A-­‐1-­‐i) (p. 6)
B.  Bills and Claims                                     (VI-­‐A-­‐2-­‐i) (p. 33)
C.  Personnel  Recommendations            (VI-­‐A-­‐3-­‐i) (p. 36)
D.  Field Trips                                              (VI-­‐A-­‐3-­‐ii) (p. 37)

VIII.  Board Goals

A.  Action/Possible  Action

1.  Board Goal: Communication

i.  Approval of the minutes of the September 30 Work Session and Regular Meeting – action**  (p. 6)

ii.  MCSD Mobile Phone App – action  (p. 9)     Video

iii.  Agreement with Mississippi Bend AEA to provide Driver Education Services  – action (p. 10)     Video

iv.  Authorization to have the Design Team and the District move forward with submittal to the City of Muscatine for the variance in setback requirements for the Jefferson Elementary Project – action     Video

v.  Authorization to have the Design Team and the District move forward with submittal to the City of Muscatine for the Vacation of Property and then ownership of E. 9th  Street for the Jefferson Elementary Project – action     Video

vi.  Third and final reading on the following policies – action     Video

100.00   Mission Statement (p. 16)
101.00 Educational Objectives (p.17)
103.00   Educational and Operational Planning and Needs Assessment (p. 19)
202.07   Individual Board Members (p. 20)
401.06 Evaluation (p. 21)
506.06 Requirements for Graduation (p. 22)
700.00   Statement of Guiding Principles for Business Procedures (p. 24)
703.06   Travel Allowance (p. 25)
703.08  Credit Card Use Policy (p. 26)
704.03   Financial Report Published (p. 27)
801.00   Naming Dedication of Grounds and Facilities (p. 28)
802.00  Use of School Property & Equipment (p. 29)
900.00 Public Private School Relations (p. 30)
900.03  Distribution of Materials in Schools (p. 31)

2.  Board Goal: Financial Solvency

i.  Approval of Bills and Claims – action** (p. 33)

ii.  Authority to seek SBRC Allowable Growth and Supplemental Aid Payment for 2012-­‐13 special education deficit in the amount of $34,623.32 – action (p. 34)     Video

3.  Board Goal: Improving both Graduation Rate and Post-­‐Secondary Success of our Students

i.  Personnel Recommendations – action** (p. 36)

ii.  Field Trips – action** (p. 37)

~East Campus Media Program to UNI Fast Forward Conference in Cedar Falls, Iowa on October 17-­‐18, 2013 as submitted by Josh Hanna.

B.  Discussion and Information

1.  Board Goal: Communication

i.  Blue Zones Update – Joni Axel     Video

2.  Board Goal: Financial Solvency

i.  Early Retirement Plan (p. 43)     Video

ii.  September Financials (p. 52)     Video

VIII.    Announcements/Meetings/Events:     Video

October 15, 2013 – IASB Employee Relations Conference – Altoona
October 21, 2013 – District Data Day – teacher professional development day/no school for students
October 28, 2013 – Work Session to begin at 6 p.m. with Regular Meeting to follow at 7:30 p.m. Both will be held at the Administration Center.
October 29, 2013 – IASB Board Member Orientation at Bettendorf High School beginning at 5:30 p.m.
November 4, 2013 – Presentation of Facilities Study Proposal (top 2 firms) to the Board @ 6 p.m. @ the Administration Center
November 11, 2013 – Regular Meeting at 7 p.m. at City Hall
November 12, 2013 – Progress Report Breakfast at 7:30 a.m. at the Administration

IX.       Adjourn     Video